These American Companies Refused To Sign The Bangladesh Safety Accord

BIG SURPRISE. American corporations doing their favorite dance, it is called the Sweatshop Shuffle and they’ve made it look effortless. Americans won’t change their consumption habits, so why would these companies change the production methods that keep everyone looking fly? Get that Gap, girl. 

This is also why I won’t just talk about food and food justice. I am ultimately only interested in decolonization. This is the world that Western Capitalist Imperialism has built. This is about industrial channels of production and consumption practices that RELY on the dehumanization of others. Our food system is just one cog in this shitty machine.

Working toward an oppression-free lifestyle has always been important to me, and, for fashion-based reasons alone, I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in these stores/brands as it is. But, I’m always quite thankful for a little update to my boycott list. 

14 companies refused to sign, and we should all know who they are:





JC Penney’s




CATO Fashions

Osh Kosh 


American Eagle Outfitters

Foot Locker

The Children’s Place


Also, can I just note that other than Target and WalMart, none of these are “cheap” brands. They simply pocket the profit between what they charge and how they compensate their labor force.

Fuck em and Duck em, ya’ll.